About The Children's Fund of America ~ Values & Guiding Principles

Compassion, integrity, responsibility, communication, teamwork and continuous improvement are our values and guiding principles for the Fund, as well as the catalyst for strengthening our relations within and outside this organization.

We must never forget to make a personal commitment to each family and affected child, to work with care and compassion, and with a bias toward providing solutions.
Through integrity we must be true to our values and honest about our commitment to them. We must recognize and acknowledge the value and contribution of each person by treating others, as we would like to be treated.
It is our responsibility as a charity and as individuals to be accountable for our actions and obligations.
We must actively listen in order to understand what is being said. We must also be clear, straightforward, and honest in sharing information.
We must seek continuous improvement by encouraging initiative and risk taking. We must be willing to learn and grow, with the mindset to be open to new ideas and concepts.
We must be as efficient and cost-effective as possible, maintain a minimum of professional and support staff to ensure proper execution of operations and policies, and be frugal at all times; this will help ensure the children receive as much assistance as possible.