About The Children's Fund of America ~ Financials

On September 11, 2001, this charity was founded as the Twin Towers Orphan Fund, Inc. ("TTOF") to provide higher educational assistance and physical and mental health assistance to the children who lost parents during the terrorist attacks on 9/11. In 2009, we expanded our vision and evolved into The Charitable Children's Fund of America, Inc.

In addition to the TTOF program, the Children's Fund of America has been developing a second program: America's Child. This program provides college education and welfare assistance to every child whose military parent proudly sacrificed their lives fighting the global war on terror to protect our freedoms and our safety.

Below is the 2008 TTOF Annual Report. It recaps the year's programming and fiscal successes within its three programs areas Higher Education, Physical Healthcare and Mental Healthcare for the children who lost parents on September 11, 2001.

Rebuilding futures, one child at a time. More than a declaration or tagline, these words represent a clear, strong and powerful focus. They not only reflect the determination the Twin Towers Orphan Fund (TTOF) has in continuing to fulfill its mission, but also the conviction of its successes.

Since September 11, 2001, our determination to make a difference in the lives of children has been a constant, forward-thinking focus. The 2006 Annual Report recaps the Twin Towers Orphan Fund Impact and its programming and fiscal successes.

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A Message from the President

After 9/11, the vast majority of people seeking help, including children, experienced some degree of PTSD. Research from a 2003 study indicates that a large number of children also developed "psychiatric disorders, severe physiological stress and functional impairment." There is also evidence that PTSD causes biological changes in the brain chemistry of children and adolescents, along with altering their level of stress hormones. These changes affect children at important stages in their lives. Many TTOF children appear to be getting better, only to discover as they enter puberty and high school or step into the world and go to college, they begin experiencing difficulties again. Even very young children, who did not experience problems at first, begin to struggle as they become more aware of the world around them.

As one can imagine, none of these children were left with a "tangible goodbye". Their parent went to work and didn't come home. It's difficult for any child to experience the loss of a parent - but add to the mix elements of national shock, fear, anger and disbelief at the public murder of so many innocents, non-stop media coverage forcing the child to relive their parent's death over and over, the country pulling at them, watching them, putting them under a spotlight (and then abruptly turning it off) - and there are many more issues to learn to cope with and understand in order to get past the grief and move on with life. This inevitably becomes a long-term issue.

The Twin Towers Orphan Fund and generous individuals like you understand the uniqueness of the orphaned children of 9/11. Through continued donations, TTOF continues to provide long-term assistance, ensuring that when the need arises, child victims have the resources available to begin and/or continue the healing process. By providing these underserved children with financial assistance, they are able to combat the grief, fear, anger, confusion and depression often associated with losing a parent. With our assistance, these victimized children will continue the long process of healing their hearts that were so quickly shattered in one moment, on one day. They will have the opportunity to lead as normal a life as possible and become responsible, contributing members of society.

TTOF has been serving the disadvantaged children of 9/11 since September 11, 2001 with the support and generosity of every day Americans, like you. Together, we have distributed nearly $4 million to fund 700 educational savings accounts in the names of the child beneficiaries, allocated $2.2 million for mental and physical healthcare assistance, awarded over $700,000 in direct assistance, and allocated a similar amount to assist children of victims of future terrorist attacks.

It is of note that 90 percent of every dollar donated to The Children's Fund of America will reach a child in need. The remaining 10 percent is used for ongoing program expansion, administrative overhead and awareness efforts.

We have done much, and we will do more. Please join us in continuing to create a more hopeful and promising future for the children of 9/11.

Michele Ritter