America's Child Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board
Michele Ritter

Co-Founder, Twin Towers Orphan Fund
Owner, Terraformers, Internet Presence and Server Applications Provider
Past Director, COMPASS, Mental Health Diagnostics

Richard Williamson

Kern County Fire Department, Ret.

Robert Byrne

Owner, ATP-P51

Board Member
Mary Virginia Pittman-Waller

MVP's Welcome Home Wounded Warriors Innovations USA

Board Member
Pamela Williamson

Excutive Assistant to CEO, Ret.

Our commitment goes beyond addressing a child’s immediate need or illness. As an advocate and a resource for the children and their families, we strive to make the greatest difference possible in the health and well being of all our children. Each of us has a personal reason for dedicating our energies to this special cause. We are united in what inspires us on a daily basis; the chance to make a difference in the lives of children. We find inspiration in our ability to reach out to these children in need; to provide assistance with their higher education and well being; to offer the best information about other organizations that may be of assistance to them and their families; and to be an effective part of an expanded care team.