About The Children's Fund of America ~ Beneficiaries

The mission of The Children's Fund of America is to help mitigate the damage caused by national tragedies, including acts of terrorism, by ensuring the children orphaned by them have as normal a life as possible. To do so, The Children's Fund of America provides long-term higher educational assistance and helps meet their mental and health care needs.

The Children's Fund of America is helping more than 1,200 children in 26 states and territories including 32 babies born after 9/11. Nearly $4 million dollars has been distributed to fund over 700 higher educational savings accounts in the names of the child beneficiaries, $3 million dollars has been allocated for mental and physical healthcare assistance, $500,000 has been set aside for children of victims of future terrorist attacks, and over $1 million dollars has been distributed in direct benefits Ė made possible through the compassionate commitment of individuals, communities and corporations working together to rebuild the futures of these children.

Our commitment goes beyond addressing a childís immediate need or illness. As an advocate and a resource for the children and their families, we strive to make the greatest difference possible in the health and well being of all our children. Each of us has a personal reason for dedicating our energies to this special cause. We are united in what inspires us on a daily basis; the chance to make a difference in the lives of children. We find inspiration in our ability to reach out to these children in need; to provide assistance with their higher education and well being; to offer the best information about other organizations that may be of assistance to them and their families; and to be an effective part of an expanded care team.

It is of note that 90 percent of every dollar donated to The Children's Fund of America will reach a child in need. The remaining 10 percent is used for ongoing program expansion, administrative overhead and awareness efforts.

Values and Guiding Principals

I wanted to thank you for helping my family. Your organization eased a tremendous burden from my family. Iíve enclosed a picture of my daughters Emma and Katie. I wanted you to see the little faces of the children you have helped. We are forever grateful. Sheila S.

I am very grateful for your generosity and kindness. Were it not for folks like you, my family and I could not have survived this tragic ordeal. Thank you. Thomas H.

So much time has passed and our hearts are still broken. I regret we have not acknowledged your kindnesses more promptly; we are profoundly and sincerely grateful for your support. God Bless all of you.